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Silence is Sexy Silence is sexy re-released

Potomak is proud to announce the re-release Einstürzende Neubauten's eighth studio album
released 20.05.2011

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Ari Benjamin Meyers
Symphony X in Konzert

2. april im Hebbel am Ufer 2, beginnt um 22h.

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Hitmans Heel

CD: Hitman's heel

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Hitman's Heel

Danielle de Picciotto & Alexander Hacke
Official Release Potomak - February 19 2011

"Alexander Hacke and Danielle de Picciotto will be celebrating the release of their new record "Hitmans Heel" (international release on 18th of Feb 2011) at the Meetfactory in Prague on the 17th of February 2011 at 10pm.

Besides performing a couple of their songs live with Chris Hughes on drums and Adrian Stout (Tiger Lillies) guest starring on the singing saw, Alexander Hacke, Toma Turek (from Radio Wave) and Steve Morell will Djing some of their favortite songs with Danielle VJing - a party not to be missed!

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DVD: How long is now

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How long is now
A movie by Danielle de Picciotto

released October 2010

Premiere: 27th October 2010
Kino Central, Hackische Hoefe, Berlin. 6pm

DVD is available on Potomak/neubauten.org and during the EN tour as merchandice

In 2007 the internationally known artist couple Danielle de Picciotto and Alexander Hacke decided to create an audio/visual interpretation of the novel "The Ship Of Fools" by Sebastian Brant. Although this book was written in 1495, it has remained contemporary up till today with its satirical depiction of the human condition.

Curious to hear what other artists would come up with for such a show, Danielle and Alexander then invited international colleagues, specialized in unusual instruments or dance, to participate. The fascinating journey through time and space, which is documented here, is a wonderful collage of mesmerizing concerts, humorous stories on why the musicians decided to play specific instruments and vivid interviews with performers on how they think mankind has developed over the last 500 years.

This documentary is a must have for all that love adventure in music and unexpected endings.

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CD: Alexander Hacke - DOOMED

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Alexander Hacke - Doomed
released December 01 2009

In the fall of 2009 Danielle de Picciotto curated the exhibition “Feedback” for the gallery Neurotitan at Haus Schwarzenberg in Berlin.

The conceptual idea was that 7 musicians provide the soundtrack for 1 piece of 7 visual artists.

Alexander Hacke chose the picture “Too Late/zu spät” by the photographer Tina Winkhaus, which inspired him to a extensively dark, brutally heavy guitar-composition.

On the occasion of the opening a concert was played at the in-house nightclub “Eschschloraque” during which Hacke performed the piece with his friends FM Einheit and Algis Kizys from New York City, who where also part of the exhibition.

The title of the picture and the pursued musical direction invoked a legendary band and a classic song, that to this day remains a hymn of the genre: “Born Too Late” by Saint Vitus was exhumed and recorded in a acoustic version. The original composition “Deeper And Deeper” completes this nocturnal journey into the abyss of Rock.

Im Herbst 2009 kuratierte Danielle de Picciotto die Ausstellung “Feedback” für die Galerie Neurotitan im Berliner Haus Schwarzenberg. Das Konzept der Ausstellung sah vor, dass 7 Musiker je 1 Werk von 7 bildenden Künstlern vertonten.

Alexander Hacke wählte ein Bild der Fotokünstlerin Tina Winkhaus namens „Too Late / Zu Spät“, das ihn zu einer ausschweifend düsteren, brachial schweren Gitarrenkomposition inspirierte.

Anlässlich der Eröffnung fand ein Konzert im hauseigenen Nachtclub „Eschschloraque“ statt, bei dem Hacke mit seinen Freunden, den ebenfalls teilnehmenden Musikern FM Einheit und dem New Yorker Algis Kizys, das Stück zur Aufführung brachte.

Die so eingeschlagene musikalische Richtung und der Titel des Bildes weckten zudem die Erinnerung an eine legendäre Band und an ein Stück, das bis Heute als Hymne des Genres gilt. „Born Too Late“ von Saint Vitus wurde somit exhumiert und in einer akustischen Version aufgenommen. Die brandneue Eigenkomposition „Deeper And Deeper“ vervollständigt diese nächtliche Reise in die dunklen Abgründe der Rockmusik.

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CD: Ari Benjamin Meyers - Symphony X

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Ari Benjamin Meyers - symphony x

SYMPHONY X is a work of symphonic scale that combines elements of hardcore, experimental, and minimal music into an entirely original musical texture.
Ari Benjamin Meyers has written this 70 minute through-composed piece specifically for his unique 17 member Redux Orchestra which includes saxophones, brass, strings, electric guitar, electric bass, drums, and electronics.

“With Symphony X, Ari Benjamin Meyers has constructed a vividly evolving, involving minimalist meditation that is propelled by a rock backbeat. It pummels thru a dizzyingly unrelenting series of progressions, existing somewhere at an intersection of Branca, Glass, and Love Of Life Orchestra.”
JG Thirwell (Foetus)

“...Presumably the first club orchestra in the world. Redux Orchestra has gained a reputation for combining music from the most differing genres. Somewhere between high and popular culture...“
Berliner Zeitung

SYMPHONY X ist ein modernes kammersinfonisches Werk, das sich durch die Fusion von Elementen aus dem Hardcore, der Klassik, der Experimental- und Minimal-Music zu einer originären musikalischen Textur verdichtet.
Ari Benjamin Meyers hat die gänzlich durchkomponierte Symphonie eigens für sein außergewöhnliches 17köpfiges Redux Orchestra (Saxophone, Trompeten, Posaunen, Streicher, E-Gitarren und E-Bass, Schlagzeug und Elektronik) geschrieben.

"Mit Symphony X hat Ari Benjamin Meyers eine sich eindringlich entfaltende, minimalistische Meditation geschaffen, die auf einem vorantreibenden Rock Backbeat fußt. Dieser prügelt sich unerbittlich durch eine atemberaubende Serie von Sequenzen, die irgendwo zwischen Glenn Branca, Philip Glass und Love Of Life Orchestra angesiedelt sind."
JG Thirwell (Foetus)

“...Das wahrscheinlich erste Club-Orchester der Welt. Das Redux Orchester hat sich den Ruf erspielt, gegensätzliche Musik miteinander zu verbinden. Irgendwo zwischen U und E...“
Berliner Zeitung

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ende neu

CD: Einstürzenden Neubauten - Ende Neue

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Einstürzenden Neubauten - Ende Neu

For those of you who are still unable to call all of the Einstürzende Neubauten albums your own, you’ll finally have the chance to add the ′96 album “Ende Neu" to your record shelf. Of course, our in-house label POTOMAK didnt miss the opportunity to bring both the CD and the vinyl back onto the stage with a new level of chic. As a bonus, the album is embellished by the song "Bili Rubin" from the B side of the Stella Maris maxi

Wer noch immer nicht alle Alben der Einstürzenden Neubauten sein Eigen nennen kann, hat nun endlich wieder die Möglichkeit das 96er Album Ende Neu in das Plattenregal zu stellen. Natürlich hat es sich das hauseigene Label POTOMAK nicht nehmen lassen, sowohl die CD, als auch das Vinyl, in neuem Chick auf die Bühnenbretter zurückzuholen. Als Bonus verschönt die B-Seite der Stella Maris-Maxi "Bili Rubin" das Album.

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